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Experience and good problem solving count for a lot in Enterprise Software. That's why Big Bee Consultants has been successfully meeting the needs of clients for many years now. This website will let you sample the range of new thinking and other issues that have been covered here in recent times, organised mostly in the form of a blog.

Hosting A Hugo Website Behind Nginx

Hugo is an impressive tool for generating websites from content components. It can also be webserver to serve content, but sometimes an existing webserver will be preferred. A configuration is offered here for marrying Hugo with Nginx.

Bee Client is now at v0.28.0

Version 0.28.0 of Bee Client is now available. This brings support for Scala 2.11.

Communicating Process Architectures - CPA2014 Conference Summary

The CPA2014 conference held in Oxford over the last few days brought together a group of experts in the field of communicating process architectures. Discussions were on concurrency and parallelism topics, both theoretical and practical, in areas related to communicating process architectures. Many leading names of this field were there. The efforts to use process algebras to find easier ways to create faster, more scalable concurrent and parallel systems have worked extremely well in the past and may well grow strongly in future.

Bee Config is now at v1.5.5

Version 1.5.5 of Bee Config is now available. This includes a small bugfix in the DimensionedValue class.

Avoiding Race Conditions

An Aha! moment led me to realising there are *four* ways to prevent race conditions in concurrent software. This post discusses locks, lock-free algorithms, immutability and alias-prevention.

A Tour of Go

I was asked to give a tour of Go to colleagues, so what better than to flatter Russ Cox by imitating his excellent tour of Go. The presentation material and code samples for my tour are available for download.

Wrestling With Concurrency - Scala Exchange 2012

It seems that Scala is not yet at ease with itself in its concurrency model. The root of the issue is the JVM: threads are very expensive and limited to small numbers (say, 30). This causes an inversion of priorities - instead of the CPU cores being seem as the most scarce resource, the threads themselves are seen this way. How does this problem arise? Are there any solutions?

Google's Go Revisited

Since I first looked at Google's Go, nearly two years of intensive Scala, Java and Groovy have passed. I felt it was time to revisit Go with one question in mind: with so much new-found enthusiasm for non-Java languages around, what has Go got to offer that might make it stand out from the crowd?

Dispatch HTTP Critique

DispatchHTTP is a library for asynchronous HTTP interaction. However, a recent project of ours had an unhappy experience with it and a 25-fold speed improvement when we got rid of it.


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